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Dr. Jorgensen has had a name change to Dr. Nanos. As we complete changes in our system and with insurances, her patients will hear and see this new name replace the other. Thanks!

   Virtual Doctor's Office


Can I send a message about my son on my Virtual Office account?

Please be aware if you have multiple accounts within your family, correspondence to our office must be generated from the patient’s account to whom the message pertains for accurate documentation.

How can I reset my password?

Password recovery: If you log in incorrectly five times, your account will lock. You can reset your own password either while logged in from the left side panel or when attempting log in with the “can’t access your account” link or contact our office for assistance.

I’m having trouble resetting my password. Help!

You must reset your password from the one given by our office to maintain your healthcare privacy. We suggest that you do not save your passwords when prompted by your computer for your security, but also some users have experienced problems logging in after a password change. Please wait at least 15 minutes after making password changes for the changes to take effect. Also we have had many users experience problems with password resets while attempting to use Mac computers and/or using AOL Explorer browser. The portal works best with Windows computers and Internet Explorer. Other operating systems and browsers may or may not work right; they are not supported.

Can I change my user name?

You cannot change your user name yourself, but our office can change it for you. One of our operators, the front desk staff or our Virtual Office Operator can do this for you.

Why can’t I find the Reply button?

Although the Virtual Office is set up very similar to e-mail, you are unable to reply to messages in your inbox. To respond to us, you need to create a new message and you may copy and paste the original message in, if you wish for the sake of continuity. We hope to resolve this limitation in future upgrades.

Why am I getting a message about “Special Characters?”

Special Character errors: The Virtual Office cannot accept the plus sign (+) or the vertical bar (|) because of encryption issues. The Virtual Office also gives this error when copying and pasting from a word processing program because these programs contain formatting that pastes over as well. If you like to pre-type your information, please use Notepad located in All Programs -> Accessories.

I got an email saying my lab results were ready, but I don’t see them!

The Virtual Office portal displays lab reports by ORDER date, not the date the labs were performed. If we ordered the lab work six months ago, but you’re just doing it now, the lab reports will be listed by the date six months ago.

I’ve been a patient for years and years; why isn’t ALL my information listed on the Virtual Office portal?

The Virtual Office is a method for a patient to keep in touch with their medical office so we only keep the last two years of patient information on the portal. Your previous data is safely available in your full electronic chart in our office.

Why am I not getting replies? I pressed reply to your message on my email!

Both emails, Virtual Operator@ncfmg.com and reminders@eclinicalmail.com, are no-reply emails. To contact the office, patients must log into the Virtual Office for secure communication.

All the details about my lab work are confusing; how can I get more information to explain it all?

You will be seeing many different tests that we've done for you and may be recommending. You may go to Lab Tests Online to help you understand your testing better. If you have specific questions about your lab results, though, do not hesitate to send us a message about them.

**North Coast Family Medical Group will do our upmost to make sure you can use the Virtual Office portal to its highest potential; however, some problems may be out of our hands. Each computer has many, many settings that could affect how the computer works and we cannot anticipate every problem. Also the Virtual Office software is third party software so we do not have the ability to change how it works, but we can certainly pass along your suggestions to the vendor. Thank you**

For additional assistance with the Virtual Office, please call our Helpdesk at (760) 783-2005

To Register for your user name and password, please contact
our Virtual Office Operator at (760) 942-0118



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