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   Preventive Health Services

Preventive Health

At North Coast Family Medical Group, we are delighted to provide you with comprehensive preventive medical services. This is defined to include a physical examination, discussion of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer, with focus on a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise. It also includes review of any recent tests and recommendation of needed screening tests and/or immunizations. A physical will be different for each person depending on his or her age, gender, and family history. For women 18-25 years of age in relatively good health, only a gynecological exam may be needed on an annual basis.

Your physician or physician assistant may recognize medical problems or abnormal test results, and/or you may choose to discuss ongoing acute and chronic health issues at today's visit. We actually encourage it, as it is our customary practice to attempt to address all of your health concerns within the time allotted. Because these additional services rendered are beyond a standard physical, additional charges will be applied to you or your insurance plan. Thus, it is our office policy to collect a co-pay for this visit.

Wellness Exams/Physical Forms and Pre-Testing

Wellness Exams or physicals will be different for each person depending on his or her age, gender, and family history. Generally before a wellness exam or physical, we will contact you to let you know what forms or screenings you should do before the appointment. Our office will direct you to the other appropriate physical forms. Don't fill out the below forms until directed by the office so you'll know which forms are needed. If forms are submitted online, we ask that they be submitted at least a day ahead.

Other Things to Bring

  • Insurance card(s) to each visit
  • Method of payment (cash, check, Mastercard and Visa accepted)
  • All current medications (over the counter and prescribed)
  • Questions for your provider
  • Any records or documentation from previous medical care
  • Records Release Form

Screening Tests
To help assess your health status, your doctor or physician assistant my order routine screening tests that are not associated with any signs, symptoms or complaints you may have.  These tests are performed by outside facilities as determined by your insurance whose billing practices differ from ours.  It is strongly recommended you contact your insurance company to determine your routine screening benefit coverage.

Cancer Screening Information

Preventive Counseling
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

End of Life Planning

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